Collaboration Day

Collaboration Day Projects are designed for participants to engage on idea or project that will run thtough out the year

The project could be something ongoing or the start of something new.

Collaboration day projects will start promptly on Friday 18th at 9 am until 12pm

The facilitator will share an idea or project, and together you will create a project plan, discuss communication methods and the implementation plan to carry out and build the community project!

We would like to see your project be supported by our partners and sponsors to grow to new heights and be presented at the next Scratch Africa conference!

Please apply to join the following community projects:

  1. Scaling the Upeo Discovery Project - Hosted by Eddie Kago and Francis Indimuli
  2. How to start and grow Coder Dojo and Code Club communities in Africa Hosted by James Aslett​
  3. Creative Learning session hosted by MIT Team ​
  4. Global Climate Action Project Hosted by Felix Malombe
  5. Scratch Translation to enhance capacity for educators/learners for sustainability Hosted by Maxwell Kayesi and David Muya
  6. Makey Makey for Educators - Hosted by Roderigo Fabrega
  7. Computing in coding patterns with Turtlestitch - Hosted by Joek Van Montfort


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